Do I have to Download the Extension?

No, if you have a large user base it may be easier to “push the extension” to users via Active Directory, JAMF or a Javacode snippet inserted directly into the code of the application.

Can I Hide the JumpSeat tab in the Flight Deck?

You can slide it up or down if it is blocking something. Guide authors can can also program each step of a guide to “hide the sidebar”, meaning only the tooltips will appear and not the whole flight deck.

Can the Look of Tooltips be Customized?

The size and placement of tooltips can be customized. Text can be edited with a rich text editor. Contact LeapPoint if you have requests to further customize the color and look of the tooltips, Flight Deck, or JumpSeat Home.

Can I have more than one Application set up in JumpSeat?

Yes, JumpSeat can host many applications at once. The pricing plan is based on number of applications hosted as well as number of users. Contact LeapPoint if you are interested in adding an additional application to your JumpSeat instance.

Security: How is PII and other data stored?

All code is scanned by Veracode for vulnerabilities before deployed to production. JumpSeat traffic is always encrypted over HTTPS. The only PII stored is what you choose to store. JumpSeat doesn’t capture any application data from the app it’s used on.

Can I edit the look of Wayfinders and Notifications?

Wayfinder colors can be customized, as well as whether they are static or blinking.

Notification colors can also be changed, as well as the location (top or bottom of the page), and whether the notification is dismissed with a click, or on its own.

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