Release Notes

2021.1.0 Release Notes

[v2021.1.0] – 4/1/2021 Added New “Launcher” guide type. Start a guide with a click anywhere in an app. Enterprise feature: Customize the JumpSeat Console tab. Enterprise feature: Change the style of tips to match branding. “Do Nothing” option will observe for an element Added summary to guide analytics detail page. Export guides to PDF or […]

2020.1.0 Release

[v2020.1.0] – 2020-02-10 Added New guides will automatically be added to the App Users role Guides and Pathways have an “order” field. Lost/Find exceptions “Alert (default)” text can now be customized in the configuration page. Lost/Find exceptions “Display a custom message” can now be customized with rich text. Additional filters added to user and guide […]

New in 2019.2.0

New in 2019.2.0 Bulk Activate/Deactivate Guides Rich Text Options New color options for the rich text editor. Restore Version as a copy Guide versions can now be copied to a new guide. Auto Start Improvements Read more about auto start guides Edit steps from the tip Edit the current step directly from the tip! Edit […]

2019.2.0 Release Notes

[2019.2.0] – 2019-09-27 Added Tables save their place when an item is removed or the page is reloaded. Guides can be activated/deactivated with a new bulk action. Support site link added to JS Home Rich text editor now has text color/background options. Removed strikethrough. Added edit step button to tips. Guides will now indicate “Not […]

2019.1.0 Release Notes

Added Switched to Laravel Framework. Multi-tenant database structure. Organization Admin user level. More sortable table columns. Renamed “Administrator” role to “Application Administrator” Renamed “Guest” role to “App Users” Guides must be added to a role to be visible. Automatically create unique guest users for new unmapped users. Improved feedback for imports. Improved password forgot & […]

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