How to Add Guides to a Pathway

Adding a guide to a pathway In the main pathway screen, click on any pathway tile to enter the pathway management page Once on the pathway management page, see that there are two lists: One is a list of all available guides, and the other is a list of guides currently within this pathway. You […]

How to Create a Pathway

To add a pathway to an application, follow these simple steps: Login to JumpSeat to reveal the application landing page, or click the Home button from the main menu Select an application to manage by clicking the application name, “View Guides”, or “View Pathways” Click the Pathway menu link in the left-side navigation on the […]

Pathway Overview

Pathways are groups of guides that relate to a specific topic or task within an application. JumpSeat pathways direct learners through a range of e-learning activities and allows them to build knowledge progressively in a single area of interest or topic. Developing pathways for learners allows you to help them quickly understand what tasks are […]

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