Guide Authoring

Auto-start Guides

Auto-start guides are a great way to showcase new features or processes to users. To use this feature, select Auto Start in the guide details of a new or existing guide. Hide from guide list This guide will not be visible in the JumpSeat Console Guide Library for non-author users. Start from any page This […]

Tooltip Custom Code

Custom code allows developers to execute JavaScript at four certain points within a step: Before step is shown Once step is shown Before step is hidden Once step is hidden There are only extremely rare conditions where you may want custom code executed during a step. This allows a lot of flexibility to add functionality, […]

Tooltip Branching

When branching a guide you are giving the end-user the option to switch context to a related task. This can be useful when directing users to prerequisites e.g. You cannot sell a product until you have products in your system and therefore may want to give the user an option to go and create a […]

Tooltip Exceptions

Managing ExceptionsAn exception occurs when JumpSeat tries to display a step, but cannot find the related element on the screen. Sometimes this can happen unintentionally: when a user clicks the wrong navigation item, or the application is waiting for search results to return. However, here are some reasons why it is absolutely necessary that a […]

Tooltip Location

LocatorThe element locator is used to find elements on the page before positioning and displaying the tooltip. Element locators are automatically populated for you when you create new steps. However, if you choose, you can change the locator manually by editing the locators section and entering a jQuery Sizzle path. Delay FindWhen displaying a step, […]

Tooltip Navigation

The navigation configuration allows the guide builder to decide what the user must do to advance to a new step. JumpSeat allows the choice from a total of six different events that the user must complete. When that action is completed, the default is to advance to the next step chronologically. But you can choose […]

Tooltip Style

JumpSeat allows the alteration of the look and feel of tips, according to personal preference, and application requirements. Most options are fairly straightforward, and affect the position and scale of tips, as well as their general behaviour and display. It is important to note that when the style of a step is edited, you are […]

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