Application Configuration

App Defaults

App Defaults allow you to customize the default settings for your JumpSeat content. Specifically, you can set Styling, URL Validation, and Exception defaults. These default settings will apply to all new JumpSeat content. Note that these are just default settings- each individual tooltip will still be editable when authoring.   The following default fields can […]

Workfront Username Mapping

Configuration > Basic Configuration To set up Workfront UserName Mapping: Navigate to Configuration and click on the Basic Configuration tab. In the UserName field, paste this snippet of code: document.getElementsByClassName(‘Avatar’)[0].dataset.objid Now, all JumpSeat users of the hosted Workfront application will now appear in JumpSeat with their Workfront ID.

Username Mapping

Configuration > Basic Configuration JumpSeat may be configured to automatically identify a user of an application based on the user’s application identification.   Once JumpSeat has been installed on a JumpSeat User’s machine (either via Browser extension or code snippet in a hosted application), JumpSeat identifies this user based on the user’s unique Hosted Application […]

Advanced Application Configuration

Customizations to application settings may be made so that JumpSeat performs more advanced interactions with a hosted application: Dynamic URLs Basic Configuration App Defaults To access Application Configuration follow these simple steps: Login to JumpSeat to reveal the application landing page, or click the Home button from the main menu Select an application to manage […]

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