Dynamic URLs

Dynamic URLs for Workfront

Configuration > Dynamic URL Workfront URLs often include an ID to display a specific object (i.e. project, document, task, user, issue, etc.) For example, the URL below is for a specific Workfront project: https://acme.my.workfront.com/project/view?ID=5be9d0d1000c58a1a0bcf0ce3e4d6d5d To enable JumpSeat guide steps and tooltips to display on any project page (and not just the project above, JumpSeat can […]

How to Add Dynamic URLs

Configuration > Dynamic URL To add a dynamic URL follow these simple steps: Login to JumpSeat to reveal the application landing page, or click the Home button from the main menu Select an application by clicking the Application Name, “View Guides“, or “View Pathways“ Click the Configuration menu link from the main navigation on the […]

What is a Dynamic URL

Configuration > Dynamic URL JumpSeat validates the current URL when displaying it’s tooltips. This allows us to navigate users back to the correct pages when they are lost, or even start them at the correct location. Sometimes applications will have dynamic URL templates and these may require some configuration. Consider the following two URLs: http://netflix.com/movies/familyhttp://neflix.com/movies/action […]

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