Guide Authoring

Adding a Step

Creating steps within JumpSeat is the heart and soul of the application. Despite its relative importance, it remains a relatively simple and straightforward process. JumpSeat guides can contain any number of steps, transverse domains (without security concerns) and can be attached to any in-browser HTML element. Generally speaking, it is important to be conservative in […]

Associating a Guide with a Role or Pathway

Role Management When managing guides via the guide flight deck, a secondary method for associating roles is available. This feature simply allows you to tag a guide with specific roles. Once a guide has been tagged with a role, it will only be available to users of that group. To associate a guide with a […]

Creating a Guide

JumpSeat uses HTML elements as anchors to attach guides to, meaning that a guide can be attached to almost anything viewable in a web browser. It is important to note that all media files including, Images, HTML videos, and Adobe Flash content are all interpreted as a single “element” by modern browsers, and will only […]

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