Guide Authoring

Adding a Step

Creating steps within JumpSeat is the heart and soul of the application. Despite its relative importance, it remains a relatively simple and straightforward process. JumpSeat guides can contain any number of steps, transverse domains (without security concerns) and can be attached to any in-browser HTML element. Generally speaking, it is important to be conservative in […]

Associating a Guide with a Role or Pathway

Role Management When managing guides via the guide flight deck, a secondary method for associating roles is available. This feature simply allows you to tag a guide with specific roles. Once a guide has been tagged with a role, it will only be available to users of that group. To associate a guide with a […]

Creating a Guide

JumpSeat uses HTML elements as anchors to attach guides to, meaning that a guide can be attached to almost anything viewable in a web browser. It is important to note that all media files including, Images, HTML videos, and Adobe Flash content are all interpreted as a single “element” by modern browsers, and will only […]

JumpSeat Flight Deck Overview

A. Flight Deck (Console) The JumpSeat Flight Deck is the main user interface for JumpSeat. Inside this console, you can find all of the JumpSeat content available to you. The Flight Deck can be opened and closed by clicking the JumpSeat tab on the right side of your browser window (next to C&D). B.¬†Home This […]

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