Identifying a JumpSeat End User

End users of JumpSeat do not have a dedicated login to the JumpSeat instance (  End users, or Application users, leverage JumpSeat training content on applications that are hosted by JumpSeat.   JumpSeat Identifies End Users in Two Methods: Generic ID:  End users of JumpSeat are identified generically by if UserName mapping Configuration has […]

Identifying a JumpSeat Administrative User

There are two types of JumpSeat Users:  JumpSeat Administrative Users and JumpSeat End Users.   JumpSeat identifies and provisions Administrative Users and End Users of JumpSeat in TWO methods:1. By their email address2. By their unique identifier based on an application hosted by* NOTE:  * This requires ID mapping in the Application Configuration area. […]

JumpSeat User Overview

There are two* types of JumpSeat users: JumpSeat Administrative User: users with a dedicated login to – JumpSeat Administrators– JumpSeat Application Administrators– Guide Authors  JumpSeat End User:  users without a dedicated login to .  The users leveraging JumpSeat Guide content on hosted applications.   By default, end users of JumpSeat belong to the Application […]

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