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JumpSeat 2.o | Speed and Availability Amazon Load Balancer Internet traffic is routed through an AWS Load Balancer to an available Application Server. The Load Balancer ensures high availability and speed. Application Server JumpSeat runs on identical Application Servers to process server requests. Additional servers can be added to the pool to handle increased server […]

How to Create a JumpSeat Guide

JumpSeat offers three guide types: guides, notifications, and wayfinders. JumpSeat Administrators, or those that have been provisioned to create guides, can quickly build guides within a hosted application by leveraging a discrete but robust guide configuration panel. Follow these simple steps to begin creating your guide: Log into your JumpSeat application. Within the same browser, […]

JumpSeat Application Overview

JumpSeat (yourjumpseat.jumpseat.io) hosts your organization’s SaaS applications for which you want to provide learning content and application based notifications.  Within JumpSeat, each hosted application has dedicated administrative areas to further manage users, guides and insights for the application. JumpSeat can host can host multiple applications so that learning content can be provided across all of […]

How to Login to JumpSeat

Use your email and password to log into yourjumpseat.jumpseat.io.  You will be emailed an invite with a link to log in to the application. Here you can select your password and then begin setting up your instance. Note:  only those who should manage users, guides and review analytics should be provisioned with a username and […]

About JumpSeat

What is JumpSeat? JumpSeat is a digital training and user adoption platform that is designed to accelerate training, onboarding, and ongoing support needs directly within the application of choice. How does JumpSeat work? JumpSeat works seamlessly on web applications hosted by JumpSeat Home without requiring any code integration. Once a web application is hosted by […]

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